When it comes to implementing a new business management system, every high-growth organisation grapples with the decision of choosing one that will be worth the money and effort.

When you invest in an integrated and flexible ERP system, you invest in one system that caters for the entire business. Integrated ERP systems let you phase out certain features based on your current requirements and budget – which means that they can grow with your business as a long-term solution. Integrated ERP systems are also easier to plug into external systems that are strategic to your business. Here are a few more reasons why you need to invest in an integrated ERP system:

Silos are a danger to your business

When departments such as HR, inventory, maintenance, sales and financials work in siloed systems and overlapping databases, duplications increase and tasks take longer to fulfil. Due to this lack of access to real-time information, business owners will make hasty decisions based on gut instinct instead of concrete evidence. An integrated ERP system provides insights and data into all facets of your business. When your employees and managers work in one system, business-critical information is in one place and less time is spent sourcing and extracting data and more attention is given to analysing this data.

Integrated ERP systems need less management and promote engagement. This is especially valuable in HR: traditionally HR had different systems catering for payroll, workforce management and strategic talent. They could be great systems on their own, but when they don’t integrate, managers don’t have a single, comprehensive view of an employee and their life cycle with the company. This means HR spends more time consolidating data across multiple systems. When HR operates on a single system that is accessible by other departments, line managers and employees can access information as and when they require it – and update data in real time.

Easily integrate with external systems

There is no way to replace core strategic systems, but integrated ERP systems are designed to support external systems that are strategic to your business. This is especially important when operating on a global scale where multiple systems add to the complexity of managing multiple locations, languages and currencies. An integrated ERP system means everyone engages with one ERP system in real time that simplifies operations instead of complicating them.

Put your workforce to better use

When an employee spends an entire week focusing on compiling a report, they lose their perspective on what the data is actually telling them. We say: focus on the data and not on getting it done. With an ERP system in place, employees can shift their focus from data entries and manipulation to taking the time to critically analyse the information. If your employees are burdened with working on disjointed processes, it increases errors and takes time away from their more important core duties.

Integrated ERP systems open up a whole new world of visibility for your organisation. It eliminates duplication at its core, unnecessary manual work and costly errors. The intelligent tools of an ERP business provide a more accurate analysis of your data, which translates to better and quicker decision-making.

You can analyse your customer’s buying preferences with a comprehensive view of many aspects of your customers at once. For instance, the system will provide an insight into your customer’s preferences and payment history so you can account for future stock control. If you know that a specific client buys more during winter, you can account for this stock increase accordingly.

Partner with SynergERP and Sage X3 to benefit your business

An integrated ERP system like Sage X3 will positively affect every aspect of your organisation – from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service and financial management – all in one cohesive system. It’s a complete end-to-end business management solution for medium to enterprise companies in manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail and service industries. Sage X3 integrates with other Sage products like Sage 300 People so you can cater for all your HR needs as well.

Yes, we are talking about software here, but when you deal with SynergERP, we go beyond that. Once entrenched in the business, an ERP system becomes its lifeblood. So we need to ensure it is implemented correctly right from the start. This is why we take the time to learn about your business, how it operates and which system is in the best position to make it run better. Do you have specific ERP software requirements? We will help you draft and implement the perfect solution. In the meantime, have a look through our Sage X3 product brochure and contact us when you are ready to discuss your requirements.