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Why choose SynergERP?

Our first step is to get to know your business and its processes intimately – after which we develop customised, agile ERP solutions that can be implemented quickly and incrementally.

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SynergERP is an award-winning Sage X3 provider. We were founded in 1993. As a Sage Platinum Reseller, we pride ourselves on advanced enterprise management solutions that empower businesses to maintain a steady growth rate and run an agile organisation.

How we add value:

  • We have a highly qualified team of consultants and project managers – many of whom are qualified chartered accountants and developers.

  • We hold in-depth scoping workshops to establish your requirements – after which we compile a custom solution and demo.

  • We offer hands-on training and support – to help your team adopt the new system and maintain it successfully.

  • A long-term, dynamic partnership – that can grow as your business grows.

  • SynergIT, a sister company, – will help you build a secure IT solution on which we can deploy your ERP.

  • Our +1 Philosophy – to help your team adopt your new ERP system successfully, we replicate what your old system offered – and incrementally add a new feature at a time. This allows for proper training and takes budget and current requirements into account.

we are award winning sage x3 and sage x3 people implementation partners

The business side

Sage X3 is an enterprise-class comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates into the core functions of your business. By combining business elements like financials, procurement, supply chain and asset management, you can ease the relationships between these departments and eliminate the separation that silos can cause.

With Sage X3, enterprises are empowered to maintain better control to manage the business on a global scale. It provides you with a quick and effortless financial, supply chain and production management solution that is cost-efficient. This fully web-based business management solution is ideal for enterprises in manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail and service industries.

The people side

Sage X3 People is an advanced human resource management system that seamlessly integrates with Sage X3 to give you more flexibility and control over the cost of your workforce and your business processes. It is accessible online and on mobile devices and provides you with accurate and comprehensive data on business units and locations.

You can manage employee information and contracts, access full records, track working hours, absenteeism and track bonuses. But best of all, these can be managed by company, subsidiary or branch. The self-service HR services ensure higher employee retention as they can access vital information themselves.

ERP implementation

To ensure you get the most out of your ERP solution, our team spends time with your business before introducing you to the new system to develop a customised experience for you. Our dedicated team will support you throughout the life cycle of your ERP solution.

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Sage ERP accreditations

Specialised in Sage X3 and Sage X3 People: SynergERP is a Sage partner with one of the highest number of Sage X3 certifications in Africa. We have been in the ERP space for more than 20 years. We are now only focused on Sage’s enterprise solutions and have been partners from when Sage X3 and X3 People first came to Africa.

Sage CEO Circle 2016 winners: SynergERP were awarded Top African Business Partner for Sage X3 and Sage X3 People in Africa. This event recognises performing partners globally and partners that win their place at this event drove exponential Sage growth in FY16.

Sage CEO Circle 2017 winners: This year SynergERP won the Excellence and Growth category of the Sage CEO Circle awards programme.

Pioneers at Sage: As a trusted Sage ERP partner, we’re closely aligned with Sage and are always up to date with the latest initiatives and focus areas. We had the first Sage X3 People site live and were also the first trained Sage X3 People partner.

Saica affiliate

SynergERP is a SAICA affiliate: we headhunt newly qualified chartered accountants and developers who want to explore other career avenues and offer them opportunities in the business management space. This means that we have the best of the best on our team to assist with ERP implementation and scoping.

Case Studies

At SynergERP, our main focus is to enable enterprises to perform administrative tasks and compliance management with greater ease and efficiency. Our customers are a primary priority, which helps you to empower your business. But don’t take our word for it, hear what some of our clients have to say about how SynergERP impacted their businesses.

Using the finance and distribution features of Sage X3 to automate its business processes across finance and operations, this logistics company from Equatorial Guinea automated its processes and increased productivity. Read the full case study here.

This investment holdings company in the insurance industry used Sage X3 to improve its financial reporting. The group comprises multiple operating companies and it streamlined business processes across all areas. Read about its success in the full case study.

Sherwood International, used Sage X3 to boost operational efficiency. The group comprises multiple operating offices across Africa and it streamlined business processes across all areas. Read about its success in the full case study.


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