Sage 300 People

With Sage 300 People you can manage employee information and contracts, track working hours, absenteeism and bonuses. But best of all, these can be managed by company, subsidiary or branch. The employee self service ensures employees can access vital information themselves, at any time.

HR & Employee Management in Sage 300 People

  • Employee Management: Allows you to create multiple records for a single employee. With built-in checklists that make it easy to create new employees and terminate existing ones.
  • Manage job roles and positions: The Job Management module gives you complete control and visibility of each job/position specification and requirements within the organisation.
  • Performance Management: Lets you define performance agreements and competencies per position, with specific objectives for execution per employee.
  • Employee Equity: Lets you manage your employment equity goals and targets throughout your HR processes by defining equity positions, monitoring goals and targets against actual staff movements and appointments.
  • Skills & Learning Development: Allows you to manage skills development within your company by defining scarce and critical skills at position level, viewing multiple development plans individually or in consolidation and recording development interventions.

Productivity & Automation


Multiple payslips per pay period which can be consolidated into a single printable payslip. Automatic pro-rata calculations of earnings and deductions by engagement or termination dates.


Modules are process-driven and follow a systematic HR approach throughout. A system that gives managers access to employee records, conduct performance reviews and HR reports. Employees, managers and users have access to real-time information from multiple locations simultaneously.

Employee Self Service

Web self service enables collaboration between employees, managers and the business by providing them with improved HR services to apply for leave, manage claims and personal details.

Sage 300 People Modules:


  • Payroll

  • Job Costing
  • General Ledger
  • Sage Intelligence


  • Employee Management
  • Leave

  • Employee Equity

  • Skills & Learning Development

  • Job & Position Management

  • Performance Management

  • Time Flow Management

Employee Self Service

  • Electronic Leave Processsing

  • Online Payslips and IRP5’s

  • Online personal and family information

  • Online claims

  • Online overtime

  • Online performance

  • Online training applications

Sage 300 People Add-ons:

SynergERP has partnered with Mpowered, a leading B‐BBEE compliance management software provider, to deliver a simple, proven and integrated B‐BBEE solution. This partnership ensures that people, training and procurement data flow seamlessly from Sage software into Mpowered’s B‐BBEE software, used by 100’s of companies to manage their end‐to‐end B-BBEE compliance management journey. Mpowered’s Digital Audit Partner program allows SynergERP clients to enjoy a completely digital B‐BBEE verification preparation and scorecard audit process.

SDA recognises that modern businesses are led by – and generate – large, growing and interconnected data sets. SDA places data-based decision making at the heart of your organisation by applying successful tools, strategies and methodologies of data management and analytics to:

  • Achieve a 360-degree view of the business and uncover new insight thanks to automated integration of data from your Sage system as well as with other business applications such as legacy applications, cloud platforms & applications, Excel, CSV and other file formats and mainstream databases.
  • Achieve data compliance while keeping IT effort and costs down with user-friendly data governance, security and system administration tools built-in.
  • Track performance with pre-built industry analytics, KPIs and calculations accessed via role based dashboards that deliver immediate insight into Sage Data.

With DocuVision you will never have to constantly ask your employees for copies of their documents. This platform creates digital filing cabinets that index employee information to improve search capabilities and better manage documents in paper and digital form.

Capisol Software provides a fully integrated cloud documentation management and cash collection solution. Capisol can integrate into any system to deliver a single responsive document store and portal with specialized exception and tracking reporting. A complete solution that is SARS, POPI and ECT Act compliance.

This is a membership-based, complete, end-to-end recruitment application that offers you direct access to top talent in Africa and abroad. SkillsMap allows you to manage your own recruitment process entirely at a fraction of the time and cost.

Offers complete adaptive learning software which lets trainers easily create and deliver courses to make learners blossom. The platform is specially designed for training providers and corporate trainers. It combines an online author environment, LMS, LCMS, a learning community and web-shop functionality.


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