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Sage X3 Version 12

Sage X3 Version 12

Key Product Enhancements & Development

Version 12 offers new enhancements, capabilities and services to grow your business.

Both existing and prospective customers will be pleased with the direction that Sage is taking with significant investment in the products’ ability to ‘connect’ to a broader eco-system. Sage X3 V12 introduces increased processing capacity and improvements around integrations. The solution enables the adoption of modern technology (AI and BOTS), and offers an improved user experience with better device responsiveness.

What’s New?

  • Open architecture
    Version 12 offers a scalable, performant API framework using the open-source technology GraphQL. This query language enables powerful developer tools, so your ecosystem can quickly develop and deliver new capabilities that fit your needs.

    GraphQL, what do you need to know?
    GraphQL was created by Facebook engineers who set out to define a way to request all the data needed to render a screen in one shot. The result was a new query language and specification called GraphQL. It lets apps – like the ones on your phone or your web browser – ask for exactly the data they need and receive it all in a single request, so things like your news feed show up fast. Facebook open-sourced GraphQL in 2015, and the GraphQL ecosystem has exploded in innovation and found many uses throughout the industry.

  • End of maintenance for versions 5-9
    Sage X3 Version 9 and below will come to the end of their lifeline support over the next few quarters as Sage introduces required quarterly release cycles making upgrades easier and moving away from the associated risks of delayed upgrades. The key driver is for Sage to be able to deliver optimal support to their customer base.

  • Delta and cumulative patches
    From Version 12 onwards you are no longer required to load each successive patch. Load only the ones you choose or select the specific functionality that suits your company.

  • Superior usability and true mobility
    The new responsive user experience means that Version 12 is now available to use on any browser and any device, including smartphone and tablet, making it more versatile than ever.

Sage X3 Version 12 Functional Highlights

  • Global Compliance
    Version 12 will support updated and new compliance requirements in multiple geographies. In South Africa, an entire VAT Engine will be a standard with this latest version. New tooling and documentation will help you to report on GDPR compliance.
  • Production Management
    The new version will make it easier to identify dependencies between work orders and raw material availability. It will also be easier to manage non-conformance and add steps to change/rectify processes.
  • Project Management
    Optimised planning, including a real-time project snapshot for better control of project profitability.
  • Finance
    Updates to key day-to-day operations, including an improved ability to run advanced bank statement imports for reconciliation, automated journal creation and enhanced traceability.




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