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Sage X3 Software

Sage X3 is a web-based, end-to-end ERP system that is customisable to your business.

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Sage X3 is aimed at enterprises who need a dynamic and intuitive ERP solution that is fast to implement and simple to manage. Sage X3 can support highly complex processes on a global scale.

benefits of sage x3:

  • Eliminate silo processing: Many enterprises struggle to see the big picture because departments work in silos. This leads to duplications and fragmented data. An end-to-end business management system like Sage X3 ties all your processes together across your business – from procurement and inventory to HR, sales and financials.

  • Make informed, strategic decisions: Get a bird’s-eye view of your operations to see financial data in real time, identify problems early and make proactive decisions. View key indicators at any time by accessing the system on mobile and in the cloud. Automate financial reporting and spend more time analysing data and less time capturing it.

  • Enable business growth: Scale to growth and additional employees with ease. Our integrated ERP solution can create additional sales channels faster allowing you to cross-sell and upsell more effectively by providing you with an improved visibility of your operations. Sage X3 adheres to global industry best practices, which makes global expansion much easier.

  • Be agile: Today businesses are expected to adapt quickly or fall behind. With a dynamic ERP system like Sage X3 and an agile implementation partner, your business gets a customised solution that is quick to execute and easy to change if necessary. This means your business can keep up with competitors and remain relevant.


Sage X3 can optimise across various industries:

  • Distribution: Gain real-time visibility across your global supply chain to allow transparency for all stakeholders. Keep track of inventory, product profitability, order to cash and warehouse operations to allow for accurate forecasting. Manage supplier quality and performance and optimise purchasing decisions.
  • Manufacturing: By investing in a flexible and scalable manufacturing software like Sage X3, you are able to increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate product costing and pricing. Ensure adaptability of compliance requirements and optimise processes by gaining real-time control over your core business processes.
  • Financial Services: Enterprises specialising in insurance, banking and financial planning often battle to keep track of their time and resources, especially when operating in multiple locations, languages and currencies. Sage X3 as an integrated ERP system ties together disconnected business processes across departments on a global scale. Look forward to real-time visibility into your global enterprise.

  • Services: Manage the project life cycle from quotation and tracking to invoicing and accounting. Track mobile devices to provide time and expenses and simplify project management. Automate accounting processes such as customer invoices and budget adjustments.

Sage X3 Add-ons:

A cloud application that is designed to help companies reduce inventory costs, by reducing excess inventory, freeing up working capital while at the same time, minimising stock-outs and increasing revenue. Sage Inventory Advisor has been designed to integrate into Sage X3, to extract added value from the ERP data and allowing dynamic forecasting and planning capabilities.

With digital transformation in mind, Sage E-commerce can help drive incremental revenue, increase margins, and improve operating efficiencies. This fully integrated solution allows you to seamlessly extend your Sage X3 back office to the digital world. It enables wholesale distribution companies to implement customer-specific catalogue with real-time inventory updates and access to transactional history, automating the process of accepting online orders and payments.

Integrate, manage and analyze data from multiple applications and data sources with Sage Data Management & Analytics. Automation, out-of-the-box capabilities and deep Sage integration reduces the technical effort of managing data and extracting accurate insight.

To avoid information overload every time someone uploads data on Sage X3, Sage Enterprise Intelligence gathers all the data in one single place and with multiple pre-set reports and templates users can significantly reduce time spent on business analysis.

The key value companies gain is real-time, bi-directional integration between Sage X3 and Sage CRM. With this integration users can access customer, invoice and order information from either of these two systems because changes made in one system reflects in the other.

A large number of documents are generated by organisations, DocuVision is ideal for creating digital filing cabinets, indexed according to customer requirements that help users easily search and manage documents in paper and digital form.

SynergERP Add-ons:

This SynergERP developed module allows the user to import their bank statement into Sage X3, in the format they receive it from their bank.Advanced Bank Manager will then automatically match the lines in the bank statement to the lines in the GL all from a single screen. Users will have all the functionality needed to handle the unmatched items on the bank statement. By replacing the standard Payment/Receipt Entry function, Advanced Bank Manager provides a more intuitive and powerful tool to handle your banking needs within Sage X3. It can automatically match entries between the bank statement and the GL and allow you to directly post lines on the bank statement from this screen. This module is fully integrated with SyngergERP’s other advanced modules; Advanced Remittance and Advanced Debtors Receipts. This allows a user to map a set of bank statement lines to debtors and then transition to the Advanced Debtors Receipts by pressing “Customer open items” – where all the receipts can be allocated to open customer invoices quickly and easily.

This SynergERP developed module allows you to compile and reconcile invoices in one place based off your supplier statement. Users will be able to enter reconciliation notes and amounts which will allow you to balance back to the supplier statement amount. Reconciliation amounts dynamically change based on reconciled transactions and notes. Users can decide to pay outstanding invoices, or short pay or not pay at all. Automatic invoice matching and payment of completed remittances.

With this SynergERP developed module, users will save time when capturing debtors receipts. Users can capture multiple debtors and multiple open items on the same screen. (Example: 3 debtors, each with 5 open invoices, can pay one amount which can easily be split between debtors and invoices). Advanced Debtors Receipts allows for auto allocation of global amounts received in any order (usually oldest to newest) at a click of a button.

SynergERP has developed this module as a tool for contract, job or project oriented companies to pro-actively manage the phases, tasks and profitability of individual and collective projects.

This SynergERP developed functionality for Sage X3, allows customers to define more complex validation or approval criteria that is not catered for as a standard in Sage X3. This module is highly customisable according to the customer’s needs by means of a screen with a set of rules that automate complex workflow triggers and actions.

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Let Sage X3 make simple work of managing your enterprise.