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Enjoy a clear view of your
business operations

With Sage X3 you can achieve operational efficiency and manage your business on a global scale. Gain end-to-end control of your business processes with a flexible financial, supply chain and production management solution which is cost-efficient. This fully web-native business management solution is ideal for enterprises in manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail and service industries.

Are these some of the challenges you’re facing with your current business management system or systems?

  • It’s expensive to maintain and operate.

  • It does not adapt to the changing business needs.

  • It is not one system, but a complex environment with multiple systems. There is no single source of truth and this leads to duplicated effort.

  • It does not support multiple sites, regions and different currencies, creating difficulties with reporting.

  • Employees mobile and remote-working requirements are not supported

  • There are challenges meeting customer demand and providing the multiple sales channels customers have come to expect.

Chart your course with Sage X3

Enjoy these benefits:

  • A single solution which can be on-premise or hosted in a private cloud. Set it up in a way that suits your business.

  • It is flexible and scalable to meet your company’s changing needs.
  • It supports the creation of an efficient procurement process which in turn supplies a multichannel sales process including e-Commerce.
  • Empowers staff with access on any device, at any time, anywhere.
  • Reduces the need for manual processes, freeing up human and financial resources for strategic focus.

  • Provides a single source of truth that offers you a 360 degree of your business.

Sage X3 – Business Management for your Industry


Sage X3 can optimise across various industries:

  • Distribution: Gain real-time visibility across your global supply chain and create transparency for all stakeholders. Keep track of inventory, product profitability, order to cash and warehouse operations to allow for accurate forecasting. Manage supplier quality and performance and optimise purchasing decisions.

  • Manufacturing: By investing in a flexible and scalable manufacturing software like Sage X3, you are able to increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate product costing and real-time inventory information. This is a solution that supports planning, scheduling, and production control activities for both process and discrete manufacturing. It is also flexible enough to adapt to unique or mixed manufacturing modes.

  • Financial Services: Enterprises specialising in insurance, banking and financial planning often battle to keep track of their time and resources, especially when operating in multiple locations, languages and currencies. Sage X3 as an integrated ERP system ties together disconnected business processes across departments on a global scale. Look forward to real-time visibility in your global enterprise and gain access to business intelligence reporting.

  • Business Services: Manage the project life cycle from quotation and tracking to invoicing and accounting. Track mobile devices to provide time and expenses and simplify project management. Automate accounting processes such as customer invoices and budget adjustments.

Sage X3 add-ons :

SEI has tight and secure integration with your Sage solution ensuring the reliability of critical business information and providing users with insight on real-time business data. This easy to use solution will empower users to access and analyse data in a selfsufficient manner, which eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills, and can reduce time to decision.
Key Features: Intuitive UI, real-time data fully integrated into your Sage software, ready to use KPI’s and templates, extensive data visualisations (guages, maps, charts), extensive search capabilities, Microsoft Excel add-in, ready to share analytics.

SDA recognises that modern businesses are led by – and generate – large, growing and interconnected data sets. SDA places data-based decision making at the heart of your organisation by applying successful tools, strategies and methodologies of data management and analytics to:

  • Achieve a 360-degree view of the business and uncover new insight thanks to automated integration of data from your Sage system as well as with other business applications such as legacy applications, cloud platforms & applications, Excel, CSV and other file formats and mainstream databases.
  • Achieve data compliance while keeping IT effort and costs down with user-friendly data governance, security and system administration tools built-in.
  • Track performance with pre-built industry analytics, KPIs and calculations accessed via role based dashboards that deliver immediate insight into Sage Data.

A cloud application that is designed to help companies cut inventory costs by reducing excess inventory and freeing up working capital while minimising stock-outs and maximising revenue. Sage Inventory Advisor has been designed to integrate with Sage X3 to extract added value from ERP data to allow for dynamic forecasting and planning capabilities. View Brochure.

Prophix works seamlessly with Sage to consolidate multiple data sources for truly integrated, agile financial planning. Prophix automatically integrates planned data and actual data about revenues, costs, operational performance and financial performance. It enables you to approach business issues from multiple perspectives, in real time. Forecast on whichever timelines make sense for your business. Create forecasts, rolling forecasts and reforecasts as often as you want. This solution will accommodate rapidly fluctuating factors such as interest rates, currency levels and production levels. It facilitates the collaboration of every one involved in preparing plans and budgets. Prophix offers a clear, continuously picture of the future combined with the ability to quickly adapt to changing business conditions, ensuring your plans and budgets will always be relevant. View Brochure.

The field sales app for sales managers and their teams. View live field sales activity. Eliminate call reports. Place orders from the field. Skynamo also enables sales managers to better manage their teams using valuable customer and sales productivity insights from Skynamo’s management dashboards.

Create, submit, and approve expenses automatically and easily from your phone or desktop—and gain robust reporting and compliance controls. Take photos of receipts and Certify technology will autofill the details into expense entries. Empower employees to become their own travel managers with a powerful online booking tool that keeps travel spend within policy. Managers can review expense reports, raise queries and complete approvals. Automate your accounts payable processes from requisition and order creation to invoice management and payment.

Capisol Software provides a fully integrated cloud documentation management and cash collection solution. Capisol can integrate into any system to deliver a single responsive document store and portal with specialized exception and tracking reporting. A complete solution that is SARS, POPI and ECT Act compliant.

SynergERP has partnered with Mpowered, a leading B‐BBEE compliance management software provider, to deliver a simple, proven and integrated B‐BBEE solution. This partnership ensures that people, training and procurement data flow seamlessly from Sage software into Mpowered’s B‐BBEE software, used by 100’s of companies to manage their end‐to‐end B-BBEE compliance management journey. Mpowered’s Digital Audit Partner program allows SynergERP clients to enjoy a completely digital B‐BBEE verification preparation and scorecard audit process.

With digital transformation in mind, commercebuild can help drive incremental revenue, increase margins and improve operating efficiencies. This fully integrated eCommerce solution allows you to seamlessly extend your back office to the digital world. It allows wholesale distribution companies to implement customer-specific catalogues with real-time inventory updates and access to transactional history, automating the process of accepting online orders and payments.

A large number of documents are generated by organisations, DocuVision is ideal for creating digital filing cabinets. Documents are indexed according to customer requirements that help users easily search and manage documents in paper and digital form.

FISCAL’s AP Forensics enterprise solution encompasses powerful forensic technology that’s easy to use by any finance professional to protect an organisation’s spend from high-risk suppliers, transaction processing errors, non-compliant spend and outright fraud.

With algorithms and machine learning designed to analyse the entire purchase-to-pay cycle, in particular Accounts Payable, AP Forensics offers a variety of lenses with which to view and understand an organisation’s exposure to financial risk.

SynergERP Add-ons:

This SynergERP-developed module allows users to import their bank statements into Sage X3, in the format in which they receive it from their banks. Advanced Bank Manager will then automatically match the lines in the bank statement to the lines in the GL – all from a single screen. Users will have all the functionality they need to handle the unmatched items on the bank statement. By replacing the standard Payment/Receipt Entry function, Advanced Bank Manager provides a more intuitive and powerful tool to handle your banking needs in Sage X3. It can automatically match entries between the bank statement and the GL and allow you to directly post lines on the bank statement from this screen. This module is fully integrated with SynergERP’s other advanced modules of Advanced Remittance and Advanced Debtors Receipts.

This SynergERP-developed module allows you to compile and reconcile invoices in one place based off your supplier statement. Users will be able to enter reconciliation notes and amounts which will allow them to balance back to the supplier statement amount. Reconciliation amounts dynamically change based on reconciled transactions and notes. Users can decide to pay outstanding invoices, short pay or not pay at all. It allows for automatic invoice-matching and payment of completed remittances.

With this SynergERP-developed module, users will save time when capturing debtors’ receipts. Users can capture multiple debtors and multiple open items on the same screen. (Example: three debtors, each with five open invoices, can pay one amount which can easily be split between debtors and invoices). Advanced Debtors Receipts allows for the auto allocation of global amounts received in any order (usually oldest to newest) at the click of a button.

SynergERP has developed this module as a tool for contract, job or project-oriented companies to proactively manage the phases, tasks and profitability of individual and collective projects.

This SynergERP-developed functionality for Sage X3 allows customers to define more complex validation or approval criteria that are not catered for as a standard in Sage X3. This module is highly customisable according to the customer’s needs through a screen with a set of rules that automates complex workflow triggers and actions.


Download the Sage X3 Solution Capabilities Guide.