#Sage300People Sage 300 People An integrated HR, payroll and employee self-service solution

Over 56 000 companies throughout Africa use Sage HR and Payroll software. From small businesses to multi-national enterprises. They use it to calculate more than 6,000,000 pay packages every month.

Manage, Track & Self-service

Manage employee information, contracts, track working hours, absenteeism and bonuses. The self-service ensures employees and managers can access information at any time.

Fast & Efficient

Sage 300 People’s smart design ensures fast and efficient system implementation. Online real-time processing of data cuts down on errors, reduces risk, and makes it easy to gain an overview of the HR operations.

Security & Compliance

Sage 300 People offers a secure and stable environment, ensuring the protection of sensitive HR data. Regular statutory updates ensure full compliance in all countries where we operate.

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Why Sage 300 People?

This powerful, highly customisable solution takes care of HR and payroll, giving you more time to take care of business.

  • Unlimited employees and companies
  • Unlimited hierarchical levels, pay period configurations and pay runs
  • One employee record for life
  • Over 200 Reports
  • Built on new technology, simplifying integrations
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Role-based security
  • Unlimited history, no need to restore backups

Sage 300 People Modules

With Sage 300 People you can manage employee information and contracts, track working hours, absenteeism and bonuses. But best of all, these can be managed by company, subsidiary or branch. The employee self service ensures employees can access vital information themselves, at any time.


Multiple payslips can be consolidated into a single printable payslip. Automatic pro-rata calculations of earnings and deductions by engagement or termination dates.

  • Payroll
  • Job Costing
  • General Ledger Integration
  • Sage Intelligence

Modules are process-driven and follow a systematic HR approach throughout. A system that gives managers and employees access to real-time information from multiple locations simultaneously.

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Equity
  • Skills & Learning Development
  • Job & Position Management
  • Performance Management
  • Time Flow Management
Self Service

Web self service enables collaboration between employees, managers and the business by providing them with improved HR services.

  • Electronic Leave Processsing
  • Online Payslips & IRP5’s
  • Online Personal Information
  • Online Claims
  • Online Overtime
  • Online Performance
  • Online Training Applications

An introductory video on Sage 300 People

Manage your entire employee journey with an HR solution from Sage. Improve productivity of your HR team and engagement with employees.

Solution Enhancements

Extend the power of your Sage Solution

Discover how complementary solutions and advanced modules can extend the power of your Sage solution.

Remember to discuss with SynergERP any integrations and automations you may require with other systems. We have user-friendly solutions that simplify integration so that you can import all the relevant HR data to gain an overview of HR operations.

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Sage 300 People Payroll, HR & ESS

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