ERP Compare

For many enterprises, implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software ends up being ‘E’xpensive, ‘R’egretful and ‘P’ainful. It is a complex process, yet many enterprises do not have a strategy for the implementation, notwithstanding that without a strategic process, the costs will escalate, control will be lost and anticipated benefits will not be achieved.

The reality is that it’s not just about the right software but the right provider – which makes all the difference in implementing a new business management system. Here are a few guidelines to follow when looking for the right ERP software provider:

Does your ERP provider understand your needs?

The right ERP provider will find out what your needs are from the inception. They will dedicate time to understand your business processes and goals and garner insights from in-depth scoping workshops with the relevant departments before introducing you to your ERP software. They must have a knowledge of business, not just software, and use this combined with insights into your enterprise to formulate an ERP strategy unique to your business.

Will your ERP partner provide a custom demo?

Once they have a thorough understanding of your business, the right ERP provider will take the software and prove that it can meet your specific needs through a custom demo, not a generic one. In this way, you do not have to take a leap of faith if you want to know whether this software will work for you.

Does your ERP provider have reliable references?

You can check the pedigree of your provider by looking at their track record of successful ERP software implementation. The right provider will be client-focused and willing to provide you with references of clients in similar industries who can testify that the provider has implemented the ERP solution successfully, and indicate whether they are still around to maintain and support the system.

Is your ERP provider prepared for a long-term relationship?

Do they have a track record of long-term customers? This is important because as your business grows and evolves, they should be there to have that conversation and translate it into what might need to change in the system and help implement it properly. Your provider should not give you a solution that puts you in a corner – they should have a change-ready mindset. Implementing an ERP system is not going to be a short-term commitment. The right ERP software provider must also be adaptable and know that as your business grows and evolves, so should your solution.

If your partner doesn’t possess these characteristics, you should keep looking.

How SynergERP can help you

SynergERP is an award-winning provider of Sage X3 business management software. Since 1993, we have been serving medium to enterprise companies in the manufacturing, financial services, distribution and general services industries. Before we implement a new ERP solution, we take the time to understand our client’s needs and build a custom demo to show them what we can do for them. We excel at implementation and offer competitive pricing.

One of our long-term customers, Sherwood International, a specialist in in-bound supply chain solutions in Africa, needed an integrated ERP software and partnered with us to implement Sage X3 Accountant Desiree Butler says: “SynergERP worked closely with our team and all our needs were met. They bent over backwards to ensure that what we required was delivered and that it fitted in with our timelines. It is a fantastic system.”

Contact us or download the Sage X3 product brochure to learn more about our business management solutions.