Enterprise asset management refers to the management of an organisation’s physical assets across various departments, locations, business units and facilities. Every business has assets, whether they are buildings, vehicles, office equipment or machinery, and these assets must be managed efficiently to sustain a business’s operations and guarantee a return on investment. Effective asset management has […]


Expanding your business involves more than just an increased investment, it’s also about adapting your day-to-day operations and business practices to suit the new business environment. In our experience, the most common strategic limitation is the adoption of legacy systems or processes that can restrict your business from growing at a more rapid pace or […]


When it comes to implementing a new business management system, every high-growth organisation grapples with the decision of choosing one that will be worth the money and effort. When you invest in an integrated and flexible ERP system, you invest in one system that caters for the entire business. Integrated ERP systems let you phase […]

ERP Compare

For many enterprises, implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software ends up being ‘E’xpensive, ‘R’egretful and ‘P’ainful. It is a complex process, yet many enterprises do not have a strategy for the implementation, notwithstanding that without a strategic process, the costs will escalate, control will be lost and anticipated benefits will not be achieved. The […]