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In this article, we’ll finalise the business case process and look at ways that the business case can improve ERP project success. We’ll also address the topic of project risk so that your decision-makers will know that this hasn’t been overlooked.   Step 7. Wrapping it up for presentation Highlight the key themes in the [...]

Process – the key to developing your ERP system’s business case In the previous episode we discussed the importance of process in developing a high-quality business case and examined the first 4 steps of the process. In this article we’ll discuss the difference between “hard” and “soft” business benefits, as well as the final steps […]


Process – the key to developing your ERP system’s business case Businesses are driven by processes. In Banking, for example, there’s a defined process for opening savings accounts for new clients. If that process isn’t followed, then inefficiency and errors will result. Processes make complex tasks simpler, resulting in predictable and higher quality outcomes. Similarly, […]

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The Platform Economy, Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are exciting new business models and technologies that are changing the way the world does business. Your core business platform – ERP – will stand at the centre of these technologies. But is it modern enough to work in the new world of […]


By transforming and adopting a platform business model, traditional companies can re-emerge as strong competitors in the Platform Economy. But so far this has not been happening very quickly. While more than 30% of global economic activity — some $60 trillion — will be mediated by digital platforms in six years’ time, only 3% of established companies have adopted […]

Platform businesses outperform value chain businesses because of their superior economics and the value of network effects.  As a result, platform businesses are growing faster, and taking leading positions in industries once dominated by value chain businesses. However, as the following case study demonstrates, the ability to leverage platforms is not limited to the upstarts […]

Digital transformation, driven by the Platform Economy, is highlighting the importance of technology.  It’s forcing companies to rethink their technology strategies and re-evaluate their legacy systems, especially the system that is arguably the most important to any business – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Previously, we discussed how the Platform Economy has grown at an exponential […]

More than 30% of the world’s economic activity — about $60 trillion — will be delivered by digital platforms in 6 years’ time, according to a McKinsey research report. Yet it’s estimated that only 3% of established companies have adopted a platform strategy. And first mover advantage is important in a digital world where often the winner takes all. […]