Business Case
In this article, we’ll finalise the business case process and look at ways that the business case can improve ERP project success. We’ll also address the topic of project risk so that your decision-makers will know that this hasn’t been overlooked.   Step 7. Wrapping it up for presentation Highlight the key themes in the [...]

Process – the key to developing your ERP system’s business case In the previous episode we discussed the importance of process in developing a high-quality business case and examined the first 4 steps of the process. In this article we’ll discuss the difference between “hard” and “soft” business benefits, as well as the final steps […]


Process – the key to developing your ERP system’s business case Businesses are driven by processes. In Banking, for example, there’s a defined process for opening savings accounts for new clients. If that process isn’t followed, then inefficiency and errors will result. Processes make complex tasks simpler, resulting in predictable and higher quality outcomes. Similarly, […]

Career SAICA

The Platform Economy, Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are exciting new business models and technologies that are changing the way the world does business. Your core business platform – ERP – will stand at the centre of these technologies. But is it modern enough to work in the new world of […]

Attention CFOs The problem that many traditional ERP’s have is that they follow a rigid structure when setting up the chart of accounts. From a definition standpoint, a segmented General Ledger (GL) is one in which the chart of accounts is a single, concatenated string that consists of various segments that capture specific information. The […]

Modern System

A new ERP system is one of the most critical and transformative investments that a business can make. The effect on productivity and efficiency can be enormous as it adds value across all sectors of the company. Fully equipped, modern ERP software delivers cutting-edge functionality to introduce a business of any size or complexity to […]

If you are considering an ERP software implementation, you need to ensure that your entire organisation understands and agrees on the reasons and strategy behind the move. Decision-makers might be pushing for customisations or integrations that will make it more difficult and costly in the long run. Sage found that businesses waste an average €9.6 […]


Many businesses still rely on an ageing ERP system that does not meet the needs of the organisation and its environment. This leaves employees with no choice but to work around the system using unproductive manual processes to fill in the functional gaps. In addition, there are often so many external systems and workflows hosted […]