Our winning ways to create successful Sage Enterprise Management consultants

Sage partners across the globe experience a common recruitment dilemma – the ability to recruit and retain qualified Sage Enterprise Management consultants. At SynergERP, we take a different approach. We create qualified Sage Enterprise Management consultants. Sage approached Ashley Regenass, CEO of SynergERP, to discuss our proven formula for successfully developing Sage Enterprise Management consultants at this year’s Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit in Seville, Spain. You can apply these insights to your own business to form a team of rock-star Sage Enterprise Management consultants. Until then, here’s an idea of what to expect.

Taking ownership of upskilling consultants

Synergy used to be a traditional IT business made up of technical consultants and developers who understood technology, but lacked a financial background. When we merged with West Consulting in 2014 (a Sage partner that focused on the accounting and financial aspects of Sage Enterprise Management), we unlocked the biggest bottleneck that exists in our industry – finding the people with the right qualities and attributes and training them.

Ashley Regenass, CEO of SynergERP, says: “We took people who are passionate about IT and technological advancements and those who understood finance and put them together to solve the problem. In a typical Sage Enterprise Management rollout, there is always a need for development, but you need to understand the fact that this is a financial system. It is by unlocking this bottleneck that SynergERP has been able to double our business year-on-year.”

Breeding a ‘people’ company culture

When your company culture is distinctive, it becomes an accelerator for business success. You need to put in significant effort to nurture and grow your employees if you want to create a winning culture. “This is a people business – we build and deliver solutions through people to our customers. People think that a career in IT or software means that you avoid people, but it’s the biggest fallacy. This is the most people-based business in the world. Our developers don’t sit in cubicles, we have ambitions for them to become stellar, client-facing consultants,” explains Regenass.

Be a role model

Mentoring is a great way to show employees that the company is willing to invest in them. Mentoring creates a positive work environment. Identify your champions and use them to help mentor others. Do not abandon these mentors, it is not their job to train employees, give them your support and intervene regularly. Make it abundantly clear as the leader that you are invested in your own development. Actively looking for ways to improve yourself sets an excellent example for your employees.

Take the time to provide targeted coaching so you can focus on what each employee needs to be their best selves. All employees bring with them a different level of knowledge and experience, but business owners must be able to marry this effectively with the strategy of the company. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to training and development.

Our employees don’t stop at good, they push the boundaries of their capabilities and always strive to excel.

Focus on attributes, not experience

Everyone possesses natural talents. We all excel in some fields and battle in others, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on nurturing employees. We firmly believe in upskilling Sage Enterprise Management consultants and not recruiting them. In fact, only 20% of potential candidates we interview are experienced in Sage Enterprise Management.

Businesses often make the mistake of trying to hire Sage Enterprise Management consultants who are already the “complete package”. SynergERP flips this scenario around. We find anyone with an eagerness to learn every day, who has the right attitude, drive and commitment that matches our business – and we develop them. We turn them into excellent Sage Enterprise Management consultants with the kind of knowledge that equips them with the ability to speak to clients with confidence about any technical aspect.

Partnerships that support our drive

  • SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants)
    We recognise and acknowledge the shortage of CAs with strong financial and technical software skills. As a result, we have partnered with SAICA, through which we headhunt newly qualified chartered accountants who want to explore other career avenues and offer them opportunities in the ERP space.
  • The Graduate Developer Programme
    We employ top-of-their-class, qualified developers who are looking for opportunities in business software consulting and implementation. We train them on Sage’s Enterprise Management suite and teach them how to translate a business requirement into the software. Our developers engage with the client throughout the software development process.

If you’re interested in a potential career with SynergERP visit our career page.



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