Enterprise Management HR is a synergist for career growth

Most business owners and companies have realised that people are very important to their company’s success. Your employees are responsible for everything from running systems to client relations, so ensuring that they are happy is key. And that’s where Enterprise Management HR (formerly known as Sage X3 People) comes in as a tool for career growth.

What is Enterprise Management HR?

Enterprise Management HR  is a web-based Payroll and Human Resources / HR system that looks after the entire employee life cycle from onboarding and training to upskilling and disciplinary processes. This platform helps HR to move away from a management-type system to a collaborative, employee engaging system. By automating payroll and reporting (automatically calculating tax and statutory deductions) and helping HR to keep up to date on things like leave schedules and work hours, it frees up HR so less time is spent on managing employees and more time on growing them.

How does Enterprise Management HR facilitate growth by supporting the resourcing process?

This system manages the full life cycle of an employee, including the resourcing process. With Enterprise Management HR, you can define job roles and create vacancies in the Position Management module. These vacancies will then be managed by publishing them on several platforms 

(internal or external). Applicants can submit their information, which will be reviewed and tracked by HR until a candidate is recruited.

How does Enterprise Management HR help with succession and progression planning for internal staff?

HR can use the ‘Skills Radar’ and ‘Search for Profile’ functions. The Skills Radar compares an employee’s skill set to the one required for the desired position (promotion), allowing for a gap analysis to be done. The Search for Profile function allows for a group of top internal employees to be discovered for a position based on a set of skills required from which a suitable candidate can be selected.

Many companies cite a shortage of critical skills in their workforce as a major problem. Developing skills also leads to higher employee retention, which again resolves the inconvenience and expense of finding new staff. The old saying goes: “The customer comes first”, but it might be time for businesses to realise that happy employees are just as important as having happy customers – and the two are usually related. Successful global businessman, Richard Branson, believes that customer service begins with your employees. Happy employees lead to more loyal customers who then have a more optimistic view of the brand.

With Enterprise Management HR (formerly known as Sage X3 People), you get the tools you need to engage employees more effectively. This ensures employee development, which is mutually beneficial for employer and employee. Enterprise Management HR (formerly known as Sage X3 People) takes care of many of the administrative tasks that take up HR time while providing tools for career growth. Enterprise Management HR (formerly known as Sage X3 People) is a fully web-based HR and payroll solution to simplify people management. Find out more about how Enterprise Management HR (formerly known as Sage X3 People) can help you by downloading our infographic.



After evaluating a number of solutions, we decided that Sage X3 would support us with an integrated, agile platform for the future growth of our

Nick Hollowell, CFO , Luba Freeport



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