Sage X3 HR helps HR put people first

As businesses begin to expand, their Human Resources (HR) departments can be overwhelmed by administrative tasks and multiple systems. But with the right tools, you can empower your HR staff to spend their time where it’s most valuable – supporting managers to develop employee potential. Sage X3 HR is a fully web-based HR & Payroll management software that offers more efficiency and control over the entire employee life cycle.

Democratise the system

Traditionally, HR and payroll worked in silos. They had multiple systems catering for leave and absenteeism, training and appraisals, budgeting and forecasting. Democratising the system means opening it up to the entire business where everyone collaborates on one system. Sage X3 is an end-to-end HR and payroll solution that does exactly this. You can manage by company, subsidiary or branch with an overview of everything that’s happening. It gives you the power to plan personnel and financial decisions strategically. Simply put, integrating HR and finance unlocks a hosts of benefits.. Line managers can easily gain access to information on individuals and assist HR to guide them and grow their potential.

Support a mobile workforce

Businesses that move HR to the cloud support a mobile workforce and enjoy the benefits of efficiency and agility, integrating previously separate tasks. Using the right cloud-based platform allows businesses to eliminate duplicate entry tasks, improve reporting and analytics, and ensure their data is more accurate and accessible. With Sage X3 HR, employees can interact with the system remotely, accessing or updating important information, requesting leave or training. This aspect is important for workforces that are evolving rapidly and adapting their business landscape, which leads to employees experiencing constant change. Sage X3 HR allows HR to keep track of an agile workforce with more fluid contracts and flexible career paths.

A complete life cycle

Sage X3 HR is an end-to-end HR system that caters for the entire employee life cycle: from recruitment to onboarding, career development and training, upskilling and disciplinary procedures. When an employee wants to change from one department to another, this technology gives HR and line managers access to full records, allowing them to manage contracts and training and draw up forecasts.

Automate manual tasks

Sage X3 HR frees HR staff from the administrative burden of processing information and managing systems by automating these tasks.

For example, Sage X3 HR automates leave information. This makes it easier for employees to apply for leave, management to approve it and payroll to update the information, since it is all automated. In this way, HR moves from a management to an engagement system.

Workflow can assist in eliminating the exchange of paper in payroll by automating these tasks. X3 People can also help with HR-related reporting including employment equity reports, it makes global compliance much easier. X3 People can even assist in budgeting and forecasting for personnel.

Now HR can spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on the growth of employees.

An end-to-end system

Sage X3 HR integrates seamlessly with Sage X3, a fully web-based, end-to-end business management solution for medium to enterprise companies. This allows your business to have a single business management system that unites all your departments and processes under one roof.

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After evaluating a number of solutions, we decided that Sage X3 would support us with an integrated, agile platform for the future growth of our

Nick Hollowell, CFO , Luba Freeport


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