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Project Description

SynergERP, Sage and AutoTrader – a winning combination

Ashley Regenass, CEO of SynergERP, has been digitising businesses since the early 1990s. When Sage introduced Enterprise Management (previously known as Sage X3 and Sage X3 People) to the African market, Ashley was one of the first Sage Partners on the continent to become certified. The business took AutoTrader live in 2010 as one of the first Enterprise Management sites in Africa. Today, AutoTrader is fully digital and still a satisfied SynergERP client.


For AutoTrader, the challenge was to evolve its business for a digital future and it knew that the solution was to implement a more efficient system. We spoke to George Mienie, the CEO of AutoTrader and Faizah Mahomed, the Financial Manager of AutoTrader, to learn how Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management has benefited the business.

Why were you looking for a new ERP system?

The challenge was to find a system that could handle the volume of transactions, not only because of the stock items, but because of the number of items that have to be processed on an invoice to make it economically viable to deliver that invoice.

We began to recognise in 2014 that we needed to address the issue of scanning and the next step of the IT process. The challenge with Accpac for Windows (now Sage 300) was that scanning wasn’t an integral part of Sage 300. This meant that we had to seek an alternative that could support the future growth of the business. This is where discussions about Sage X3 started to take place.

Tell us a little more about your business and the industry you operate in

George Mienie: AutoTrader is South Africa’s leading online marketplace for the buying and selling of cars and other motor-related assets. We have five million visitors a month, 70 000 listed vehicles and 26 years’ experience as a market leader. To put it simply, we are a technology business that is the largest marketplace to bring buyers and sellers of vehicles together.

Why were you looking for a new ERP system?

I have been helping turn AutoTrader into a digital business for the last 14 years. We closed the magazine a year ago. The business was evolving and we didn’t know what the future held. We needed a flexible system that could grow with us and morph with us into whatever we were going to become. This turned out to be one of our biggest challenges: Moving from a paper-based invoicing and billing system to an electronic billing system. This was the moment we realised that we needed something else. Then in stepped Sage and changed our world.

What did SynergERP offer you?

Faizah Mahomed: Before we implemented this solution, everything was done manually – it was resource-heavy and time-heavy with strict deadlines. It was quite difficult to get the work done before five. Now that we use Enterprise Management, I don’t have to work after hours to try and put reports together. So it saves me time and allows me more family time … One of the main things we find with Enterprise Management is that it’s quicker.

Why did you choose SynergERP and the Enterprise Management solution? How has it benefited your business?

The bonus for me is the relationship with SynergERP. To be honest, SynergERP is like family because staff members walk in and out of the office whenever we need them. They always make themselves available.

What improvements have you seen in your business since onboarding with Enterprise Management?

Using this solution is definitely helping us to make a significant difference in the automotive industry and we have seen a 70% growth over the period of its inception. The technology allows us to continue bringing buyers and sellers of motor vehicles together.

It’s AutoTrader’s partnership with SynergERP, and in turn its affiliation with Sage, that has made this project successful. SynergERP’s ultimate aim is to help employees become productive and add value to the organisation.

Regenass concludes by saying: “We are constantly engaged with the business and keep a close eye on where it is going to make sure we can walk that journey with them. We want to understand where each client wants to be in the future and to build on that.”

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  1001 – 5000 Employees

  South Africa

“The bonus for me is the relationship with SynergERP. To be honest, SynergERP is like family because staff members walk in and out of the office whenever we need them. They always make themselves available.”

Faizah Mahomed, Financial Manager of AutoTrader


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