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Project Description

Luba Freeport

Using the finance and distribution features of Sage X3 to automate its business processes across finance and operations, this logistics company from Equatorial Guinea automated its processes and increased productivity.

Situation: Tell us a bit more about your business: what industry do you operate in? What do you do?

Luba Freeport is a logistics centre for the burgeoning oil and gas industries in the Gulf of Guinea. This natural port is situated in a large secluded bay on the southern side of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. It is a joint venture between Government and Lonrho.

What was your biggest pain points or frustrations in terms of business management systems/ ERP software that caused you to look for a better solution?

The company relied heavily in the past on manual business processes, an approach that was becoming increasingly unviable for the growing traffic passing through the deep water port. These paper-based processes were inefficient, expensive, slow and prone to human-error.

What did SynergERP offer you?

Sage X3 because it offered the best-fit for its business in terms of price, performance and functionality. It also selected Sage X3 based on its flexibility and its proven success in other logistic environments.

Why did you choose SynergERP and the Sage X3 solution?// How has it benefited your business?

Luba Freeport benefits from a high level of automation across its business. It is now able to capture sales orders, produce invoices, track client service delivery, and manage workflow approvals in an electronic process that is faster, smoother and less prone to human error. The company also benefits from better visibility into its business, thanks to Sage Intelligence.

About the Company

  Luba Freeport

  11-50 Employees

  Equatorial Guinea

“After evaluating a number of solutions, we decided that Sage X3 would support us with an integrated, agile platform for the future growth of our

Nick Hollowell, CFO, Luba Freeport


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