Why having an integrated HR & Payroll and ERP system is in your best interest

Every business relies on its employees to transform the company’s vision into reality. But speak to any HR manager and they will tell you that it’s not easy to effectively manage the complex collection of employee data that includes payroll information, time and attendance, performance and training tracking, budget and forecasts as well as recruitment duties.

This process can quickly become more complicated when addressed across multiple departments, sites and companies where data, processes and policies are not centralised. Often, duplication and the data mining of incorrect records occur and leads to time being wasted on fixing the resulting errors – time that could have been better spent on constructive tasks.

Without an integrated ERP, HR & Payroll environment, your HR employees take on an administrative function where they will have to find the time to input, transfer and manage employee data in a complex sea of information with no anchor. When ERP, HR & Payroll management software is integrated, it all but eliminates these frustrations and maintains the integrity of data across the entire business.

Access to a unified system

A unified system ensures that the business uses a single business process tool to ensure consistent workflows. A common entry point for everyone ensures a consistent user experience for all employees. A unified ERP system also allows for a single data source. More access to reliable data translates to richer, actionable information. You can easily correlate data and see the overall effect on specific aspects of the business across the board.

Empower your workforce

Empower your employees with self-service access to their own data. With a fully web native solution (whether deployed on premise or in the cloud), you can give your workforce access to all KPIs (and other important data) on the go. Line managers can also play a more active role in employee development by working off accurate data and being able to collaborate online with employees. With a comprehensive view of their teams, individual employee skills and performance – recommendations can be given based on tangible results. Employees are then more eager to take an active role in improving their performance because they are made aware of the end result expected from them.

Resources not wasted

Often companies invest large sums of money in recruitment processes trying to find a suitable candidate, only to later realise that there was already a highly qualified employee in the company to fill that post or better yet, an employee that could be upskilled in minor areas before being able to take over.

HR managers can identify potential resource shortfalls based on insights from the ERP system supporting pro-active management before they have a chance to affect business productivity.

Discrepancies a thing of the past

When the ERP, Payroll and HR systems are segregated, you’ll often find disputes between finance and HR & Payroll, be it over the accuracy of headcounts, budgets & forecasts, or employee expenses. Lack of visibility into employee productivity and costs can lead to misestimating workforce costs which has a direct impact on company profits.

Inconsistencies like this, and others you might not be aware of, disappear when you have a fully integrated system between business operations and human capital – this is what Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) and Enterprise Management HR (formerly known as Sage X3 People) has to offer.

With these solutions, you can ensure compliance while supporting a mobile and dynamic workforce, knowing that you’re managing your costs effectively and improving the bottom line.

SynergERP is here to guide you through the process. We dedicate significant time to understanding your business before implementing any software. Yes, we work with and implement software, but we bear in mind the business landscape to ensure that it is the best fit for people to enhance the user experience. Contact us today to learn more about the capabilities of Enterprise Management (formerly known as Sage X3) and Enterprise Management HR (formerly known as Sage X3 People).



After evaluating a number of solutions, we decided that Sage X3 would support us with an integrated, agile platform for the future growth of our

Nick Hollowell, CFO , Luba Freeport



Consider these factors before implementing a new ERP system.